Kustermann, still a family-owned business, is one of the few full-range retailers in Germany,  offering an extensive range of products and stocking over 70.000 items.

MADE AT Factor Product GmbH

Outdoor Guide stands for competent and comprehensive information about the world of outdoor sports. It’s a Swiss magazine that informs twice a year about trekking, mountaineering, biking, canoeing, backcountry skiing, snowboarding and free riding. You will find very useful equipment tips, inspiring interviews and portraits, thorough tour recommendations and stunning stories of all sorts of expeditions. 

visual identity.
editorial design.
family-owned business.

lead design.

Closeup Photo of a Cooking Class Flyer for Kustermann

Seraph is Kustermann’s customer magazine. From 2012 to 2015 I was responsible as designer at Factor Product GmbH for the layout of several issues of the magazine. 

Closeup of a Did you Know Spread in the Seraph Magazine by Kustermann
Interview Spread with Stefan Diez in the Seraph Magazine by Kustermann

Furthermore, I created different branded products – e.g. flyers, banners etc. – to promote cooking classes, events, promotional offers and much more. 

Photo of a Cooking Class Flyer for Kustermann
Illustrated Map of England on a Banner hanging from the Ceiling for Kustermann
Photo of the Kustermann Store Window with Illustrated Background
Mockup of three Banner with Illustrated maps form different countries for Kustermann Store Decoration
Spread with Cocktail Tipps inside the Seraph Magazine by Kustermann
Photo of a Cooking Class Flyer for Kustermann
Closeup of the Seraph Magazine Cover for Kustermann
Spread with Garden Tools in the Seraph Magazine by Kustermann

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Outdoor Guideeditorial design

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