omneva is your specialist for software solutions in the social sector. They create and implement software platforms that enable people to work intuitively and effectively. 

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Outdoor Guide stands for competent and comprehensive information about the world of outdoor sports. It’s a Swiss magazine that informs twice a year about trekking, mountaineering, biking, canoeing, backcountry skiing, snowboarding and free riding. You will find very useful equipment tips, inspiring interviews and portraits, thorough tour recommendations and stunning stories of all sorts of expeditions. 

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Mockup with Business Cards for omneva in an orange Setting

After numerous brainstorm sessions and trademark proofing rounds, “omneva” was chosen as a suitable name. The name is inspired by the latin word “omnes", which means ‘everything’ or ‘everybody’. The omneva name aims to create a feeling of unity and strength, something they also put into practice for their customers by bringing different experts together in one team. In addition, omneva has a friendly sound to it and is easy to pronounce in all relevant languages.

Overview of different Pages in the Visual Guidelines for omneva
Animated Logo for omneva

As soon as the name omneva was officially confirmed as a trademark, we started creating the logo – a static version as well as an animated one. We also developed brand guidelines setting out the visual language that will accompany and strengthen the omneva name and strategy. To communicate the brand story and values throughout the whole organisation and to all stakeholders, we produced a brand book.

Spread with the Brand Story in the Brandbook for Omneva.
Closeup of Photo and Graphic Elements in the Brandbook for omneva.
Spread with the Description of their Values in the Brandbook for Omneva.

As the omneva Group brings together experts in many different fields, we also developed a sublogo system for these respective brands, including guidelines for the visual language and a color scheme that can be extended to future brands to come. 

Overview of different Pages in the Visual Guidelines for the Subbrands of omneva
Mockup with Letterhead Design for Omneva

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