Outdoor Guide is a Swiss magazine covering a broad range of outdoor sports, that is published twice per year. We created different kinds of editorial illustrations for the issues N° 25 till N° 28 (Summer 2016 — Winter 2017/18).

Made in collaboration with Outkomm GmbH

Outdoor Guide stands for competent and comprehensive information about the world of outdoor sports. It’s a Swiss magazine that informs twice a year about trekking, mountaineering, biking, canoeing, backcountry skiing, snowboarding and free riding. You will find very useful equipment tips, inspiring interviews and portraits, thorough tour recommendations and stunning stories of all sorts of expeditions. 

editorial design.

creative direction.

In the feature column of the magazine, the illustrations were used to bring the subject to life and attract the user even more strongly to engage with the topic at hand. The main idea of the column was to approach relevant topics with a humorous twist.

Animated editorial Illustration for Outdoor Guide Magazine
Knowledge Spread with informative Icons in the Outdoor Guide Magazine
Illustrated Column Page in the Outdoor Guide Magazine

For the in-depth product reviews, illustrations were used as lead images but also to explain complex themes more visually.

Title Spread with Illustration on Outdoor Fitness in the Outdoor Guide Magazine
Page in Outdour Guide Magazine with informative Illustrations on the Topic Photography
Animated editorial Illustration for Outdoor Guide Magazine

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